Green beans & phytic acid

Beans as a class have high levels of phytic acid which can inhibit your mineral absorption. However, the highest levels are found in the mature bean, dried for us that we hydrate later and cook.

What about green beans? These are immature beans in a pod and we generally eat the whole pod. We eat them raw in salads or lightly cooked in a stirfry. Should we be concerned about phytates in green beans? 

I addressed the question in a video cast below.

I do hate to think that we would miss  out on raw and lightly cooked green beans over concern for their phytic acid content. For most of us these are not a core part of our diet. Furthermore, they have not concerned phytic acid researchers to date. I provide the rationale in the video.

If you are phytates obsessed (like me), check out the paper on phytic acid which provides you with a look at the research and strategies for your food preparation.

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